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A Needle-Free 'Vitamin Shot' for Face Scalp Body


Not Just A Facial

Discover DermaGlo — a next-generation dermal infusion treatment, that delivers nourishing skin and scalp nutrients deep into the skin. It is a needle-free ‘Vitamin Shot’ for skin and scalp.

Together with Fusion® medical-grade skin and hair care products, DermaGlo delivers radiant, healthy-looking skin and revitalized hair.

Experience DermaGlow

Unveil Your Beauty

In-office FUSION® Skin & Scalp Serums and  our FUSION® Skin and Hair Care home-regimen will leave the skin and scalp instantly renewed and revived. Witness ongoing results with every treatment. Improve:

You and your skin are unique. DermaGlo and FUSION® products are suitable for all skin types, catering to the diverse needs and concerns of each individual.


DermaGlo and FUSION®:
Where Science Meets Beauty!

Experience the innovative DermaGlo treatment, delivering professional-grade, European FUSION® Skin and Hair Serums deep into the skin, without the use of needles. It is a needle-free ‘Vitamin Shot’ for skin and scalp.

Our FUSION® Serums feature next-generation, bio-active ingredients for exceptional results, targeting specific skin concerns with sterile, medical-grade formulations. 

‘Good things come in small packages.’ FUSION® Serums come in single and dual treatment vials, ensuring freshness and potency, while minimizing contamination. 

FUSION® products embody purity. Our meticulously crafted formulations are free from harmful ingredients, prioritizing the wellness of your skin.

Start your skin transformation journey with just three easy steps!

3 Steps To Beautiful Skin



A soothing blend of natural acids and hyaluronic acid gently exfoliate dead skin cells and remove skin debris, preparing the skin for the infusion of our potent skin serums.



Carefully curated blends of European, medical-grade skin serums are infused deep into the dermis, without needles or discomfort. Serums are tailored to specific skin concerns. 



A personalized, nourishing mask,  freshly-prepared within minutes, completes the DermaGlow facial. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and bio-active skin nutrients, this all-natural mask leaves the skin revitalized and refreshed. 

At Home

Keep On Glowing

Elevate your clients’ skincare routine to new heights with the extraordinary FUSION® Skincare home-care regimen – formulated to complement DermaGlo infusions! Prepare to step into a world of cutting-edge formulations and personalized solutions tailored to address unique skin concerns.

Our meticulously crafted products are born from the fusion of innovative ingredients and the expertise of European research. 

Whether you’re seeking to refine  skin texture, combat signs of aging, or address specific skin conditions, FUSION® Skincare is here to deliver remarkable results. Our range of professional-grade products is designed to unlock the potential of the skin for true skin transformation.

About ProSkin

Who we are

Our Vision

ProSkin stands for innovative, science-based products designed to enhance skin appearance and scalp health. Leveraging our rich dermatological heritage and deep understanding of skin aging, we emphasize a comprehensive approach to age management that incorporates a commitment to blending procedures, skin care and a healthy lifestyle.

Business Consultants

Education is the lifeblood of any profession. The rapidly changing aesthetic industry demands superior treatment outcomes, innovative marketing strategies and skilled clinicians. Our aesthetic business consultants offer effective, proven solutions for the development, management and marketing of new and existing aesthetic facilities.

Researchers & Innovators

Cutting-edge research is the driving force behind our unique products and fomulations. Through our partnership with the Aesthetic Research and Training Institute’s team of medical and business experts, we source and study emerging technologies and products and develop effective treatment protocols that are employed by clinics world-wide.

More Than Just Sales

Our Comprehensive Services


Training is included with the purchase of a ProSkin device and is conducted by experienced industry professionals at your facility or ours. You will learn basic and advanced treatment protocols for a quick return on your investment.

Business Development

Combination procedures provide the best results and increase revenue. Learn how to combine DermaJet transdermal infusion with other services you offer. Our industry professionals have extensive knowledge in all aesthetic technologies and will educate and train your team on our proprietary combination protocols to set your business apart from the competition.

Marketing Support

Our design team is ready to assist you with the creation of a variety of customized digital and print promotional materials. From web design to keyword planning and SEO implementation – our team can help your business find the clients you’ve been looking for.

Copy Writing

Struggling to find the words to describe your business or treatments? Our team has decades of working knowledge and experience with the latest aesthetic devices and protocols offered in the United States. With your oversight, our wordsmiths will craft webpages, descriptions, and marketing emails that will delight your clients – and increase your bottom line.

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As a “Skin Expert”, ProSkin stands for innovative, science-based products designed to enhance skin appearance and scalp health.