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Total Accessory Freedom

Do you have existing inventory or a preferred solution line? No problem! DermaGlo plays nice with most transdermal infusion handpieces and solutions on the market today.

Total Customization

Do you want a unique look that matches the color of your clinic decor? No problem! With DermaGlo you can customize the outer shell to fit your style, look, and brand.

Quality Components

Nearly all of the components in our DermaGlo device are designed by industry-leading U.S. and European manufacturers. We stand behind the longevity and performance of all of our devices.

White Labeling

How about custom branding DermaGlo with your business logo? Provide us with your high-resolution art work or let our design team create a logo for you.

DermaGlow Features

Loved by Clients and Clinicians

Adjustable Pressure

DermaGlo is the only transdermal infusion device with adjustable output pressure. Providers can now customize the jet stream to a variety of treatment areas. 

No more startling your clients with sudden blasts of air! DermaGlo automatically tapers the air flow at the beginning of a treatment.

Multiple Operation Modes

DermaGlo offers four operation modes – manual, semi-automatic, automatic, cycle – to further enhance the treatment experience and consistency. 

Automation and Timers

Two built-in timers ensure that clinicians stay within their allocated session time and that treatment areas receive equal amounts of skin solutions.

Picture of a ProSkin device screen

Freely adjustable pressure ranging from 50 – 95 PSI.

Four different treatment modes for enhanced treatment customization

Fully adjustable treatment timer for treatment consistency 

Total treatment time monitor

Tap the blinking dots to see additional features.

Turning Simple Air Into


The Magical Hand Piece

Specially crafted handpieces work their magic by converting liquid skin serums into delicate jet streams of micro-droplets. 

These gentle, yet potent streams gracefully stretch the skin, creating micro-channels that penetrate deep into the dermis. Bioactive skin serums are now seamlessly infused into the skin, all without the need for needles.

A Perfect Synergy

FUSION® Serums + Skincare at Home

Elevate your clients’ skincare experience to new heights with  FUSION’s complete skin transformation program! 

DermaGlo with FUSION® Serums

The transformation starts with DermaGlo, a luxurious skincare treatment, incorporating one of Europe’s most innovative skincare product lines and techniques. The highlight of this unique experience is a needle-free ‘Vitamin Shot’ of sterile, medical-grade skin serums, delivering bio-active nutrients deep into the skin. FUSION® serums are highly customizable to a wide range of skin concerns and offer exceptional, immediate and long-term skin regeneration and rejuvenation.

FUSION® Home-Care Regimen

The skin transformation continues with our take-home FUSION® Skincare regimen. Each product has been carefully formulated to complement the in-office DermaGlo treatment. These meticulously crafted, professional-grade products are backed by extensive European research and expertise. From improving skin tone, acne and rosacea to combating signs of aging, FUSION® skincare has unlocked radiant confidence and flawless complexions in over 45 countries.  After a series of DermaGlo treatments supported by our FUSION® home-care regimen, clients typically notice continued, visible improvements over 2-3 months.

Membership Has Its Priviledges

Join Our GloBiz Rewards Program

Purchase the products you love for your business & unlock your rewards.

Save on FUSION® medical-grade skincare product and DermaGlo device purchases. When you are ready to use your points, just redeem them from your GloBiz Wallet at checkout.

Every 100 points earns $10 in savings toward a future ProSkin purchase. Note: Points must be redeemed in increments of 100.

FUSION® Skin SerumsFUSION® SkincareDermaGlo by ProSkin
250 pts / $1000250 pts / $100010,000 pts / device

More Than Just Sales

Our Comprehensive Services


Training is included with the purchase of a ProSkin device and is conducted by experienced industry professionals at your facility or ours. You will learn basic and advanced treatment protocols for a quick return on your investment.

Business Development

Combination procedures provide the best results and increase revenue. Learn how to combine DermaJet transdermal infusion with other services you offer. Our industry professionals have extensive knowledge in all aesthetic technologies and will educate and train your team on our proprietary combination protocols to set your business apart from the competition.

Marketing Support

Our design team is ready to assist you with the creation of a variety of customized digital and print promotional materials. From web design to keyword planning and SEO implementation – our team can help your business find the clients you’ve been looking for.

Copy Writing

Struggling to find the words to describe your business or treatments? Our team has decades of working knowledge and experience with the latest aesthetic devices and protocols offered in the United States. With your oversight, our wordsmiths will craft webpages, descriptions, and marketing emails that will delight your clients – and increase your bottom line.

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