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Sterile vs Non-Sterile Skincare Products

In the realm of professional skincare, the quality and safety of products are paramount. As experts in the industry, we understand that what we use on our clients’ skin can make a significant difference in treatment outcomes. This is why at ProSkin, we are proud to introduce our line of professional FUSION® Skin Serums, designed to set a new standard in transdermal infusion therapies. Today, we delve into the advantages of our sterile FUSION vials compared to the non-sterile Jetcare vials offered to Jet Peel machine owners by NYLO Aesthetics.

Micro-Filtration vs. Gamma Radiation

When it comes to ensuring the purity of skincare serums, sterilization is a critical step. Our FUSION® Skin Serums undergo a meticulous micro-filtration process, which involves passing the product through filters fine enough to remove bacteria and other contaminants without altering the serum’s potent ingredients. This contrasts with other, more common, sterilization methods that use either irradiation, chemicals or heat.

Micro-filtration boasts a key advantage – it preserves the integrity of active ingredients within the serum. Gamma radiation, heat or chemical applications, while effective at sterilization, can potentially lead to the degradation of sensitive ingredients, diminishing their efficacy. By choosing micro-filtration, we ensure that each vial of FUSION® Skin Serum retains its full therapeutic potential, offering maximum benefits during every treatment.

The Benefits of Micro-Filtrated, Sterile Skincare Products

Using sterile skincare products is not merely a precaution; it’s a necessity for professionals who prioritize client safety and optimal results. Here’s why micro-filtrated, sterile serums like ours are superior:

  • Safety: Sterile products minimize the risk of infection and contamination during treatments, ensuring client safety.
  • Potency: With no degradation of active ingredients, FUSION® Skin Serum deliver consistent and potent therapeutic effects.
  • Quality Assurance: Each sterile vial represents our commitment to high-quality standards and client satisfaction.

Versatility in Treatment: The Synergy with Invasive Procedures

One of the standout qualities of sterile skincare products is their versatility. Professionals can confidently use our FUSION skin serums in conjunction with more invasive treatments such as RF or mechanical microneedling and laser or light therapy, without worrying about introducing contaminants into sensitive post-treatment skin. This synergy not only enhances the effects of such procedures but also promotes a safer, more controlled healing environment.

Why Sterile Matters: A Professional’s Perspective

For skincare professionals, choosing between sterile and non-sterile products is not just a matter of preference – it’s a decision that impacts treatment integrity and client trust. Sterile FUSION skin serums offer peace of mind and a level of care that reflects the expertise and dedication inherent in professional skincare services.

Choosing sterile serums for professional use has far-reaching benefits:

  • Minimizes Risk of Infection: By using sterile products, professionals can significantly reduce the likelihood of post-treatment complications due to infections.
  • Enhances Client Trust: Professionals who use sterile serums demonstrate their commitment to client safety, thereby enhancing their reputation and building trust.
  • Supports Optimal Treatment Outcomes: Sterile serums ensure that the efficacy of active ingredients is not compromised by contaminants, leading to better treatment results.

Setting the Bar Above Competitors

When comparing FUSION® Skin Serum for Jet Peel machines to competing products such as Jetcare, it is vital to consider whether those serums adhere to the same strict standards of sterility. FUSION’s® sterling record of sterile production provides professionals with a clear choice for ensuring client safety and care.

Jetcare, a line of skin serums offered to Jet Peel machine owners by NYLO Aesthetics, is only designated as cosmetic in nature and does not meet the criteria for professional-grade products. Jetcare for Jet Peel products are not subject to the standard sterilization processes. Consequently, their use is not recommended for any aesthetic treatments that involve penetrating or disrupting the skin barrier. The absence of sterilization can lead to a heightened risk of infection and contamination, which is always a concern in a professional aesthetic environment where maintaining the utmost standard of cleanliness is paramount.

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